Credit Suisse Gold Bars are refined to the highest standards of 99.99% fine gold. Each gold bar is of 24 karat gold purity and has the exact purity and weight.

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Because of the slightly higher value over 1 oz. bars, 50 gram gold bars.

(The ' Credit Suisse ' gram blister I have from Lynn coins is fine.) Does this mean it is gold plated or fake? Related Coin Question: I recently auctioned some Swiss .

The new style Credit Suisse Bar is now being counterfeited but it is easy to spot. Just look at the logos on the reverse. On the counterfeits, the.

16 Mar 2015.

This video shows a fake 1 oz gold bar and then goes into the details of what consumers can do to help to verify authenticity. A direct.

The spread between the New York futures and London spot gold price was initially caused by logistics and manufacturing.

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Many investors and financial advisors may be surprised to learn that owning shares in a gold ETF is not the same as owning physical gold. As one of the largest ETFs, GLD states in its prospectus.

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Credit Suisse 1 oz .9999 Gold Bar Unboxing!15 Apr 2014.

Rust spots or brown spots can occur on genuine gold coins when a very faint trace of other metal adheres to the surface of the coin or bar. As the.

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Diminished risk aversion puts a damper on gold’s bull market in April. The bull should return in May as negative economic.