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As graceful as the animal it's fashioned after, this sterling silver whale's tail pendant is truly delightful. Symbolising many things including speed, strength, and.

The first gold found in that part of South Dakota was about 1874, discovered by Horatio N. Ross. E.O Lampinen opened the Black Hills Jewelry Manufacturing.

The large placer gold deposits of Deadwood Gulch were discovered in November 1875, and in 1876, thousands of gold-seekers flocked to the new town of Deadwood, although it was still within Indian land. The tale of first gold discovery in the Black Hills was thrown into question in 1887 by the discovery of what has become known as the Thoen Stone.

Black Hills Gold je welry first appeared over 100 years ago after the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1876. The yellow gold grape and leaf designs in shades of pink and green gold make Black Hills Gold pieces unique. The colors are achieved by alloying the gold with silver to produce green, and copper to produce pink.

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and history of Black Hills Gold jewelry is surrounded by legends and tall tales,

She was born in Deadwood, South Dakota and had conversations with early.

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It is widely acknowledged that a would-be gold prospector named Henri LeBeau was the father of Black Hills Gold's distinctive grapes and leaves pattern. The.

In these times of mystery and gloom, it’s easy to long for the days when you were young and free; when life was uncomplicated.

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Story and photos by Jeremiah M. Murphy. Snow whales, sometimes stretching 70 feet or more, offer Black Hills snowboarders unique opportunities for adventure.