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14 Nov 2017.

A brief history of SegWit2x, and consequences of its cancellation.

hard fork had increased investors' confidence in the Bitcoin network.

8 Nov 2017.

Mike Belshe has published a blog post indicating that the planned Segwit2x hard fork will not be taking place. The markets have responded.

25 Sep 2017.

With the recent implementation of SegWit and the planned SegWit2X.

proposed changes are, and they even made a “hard fork” to Bitcoin Cash.

“KingsCrown”, a top crypto and blockchain influencer on Steemit: “I like the car analogy.

ViacomCBS also cancelled the long-running reality TV show COPS.

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28 Oct 2017.

The Upcoming Hardfork "Segwit2x" will split Bitcoin into two coins. Unlike previous forks, this fork is.


Work on the "SegWit2x" compromise started in May.

A 1 MB/10 minutes transaction data limit was hard coded in the Bitcoin protocol in the early days.

Increase of the block size limit can only be done through a hard fork, hard forks.

I have my own pet conspiracy theory: Both fractions are controlled by dark forces .

24 Feb 2019.

Cancellation and aftermath. The SegWit2x hardfork was declared cancelled in a joint statement by six individuals. In the following hours, the price.