8 Jan 2020.

There have been several patches and additional software to produce transaction.

The address index code and tests ( index/addrindex.cpp.

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31 Dec 2016.

It's an optional start-up argument to Bitcoin executable (and/or.

Additional notes on Bitcoin Core with addrindex patch can be found in the.

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5 Sep 2015.

There's a binary build based on BTCDrak's bitcoin-addinrdex source code because his patched version 0.11 has been completed, but there are.

Bitcoin Core addrindex patch has been ported to (https://github.com/ alexmat/bitcoin-addrindex), but is currently less tested compared to prior releases .

depends: Patch libevent build to fix IPv6 -rpcbind on Windows · zmq: Add support to listen on multiple interfaces · bitcoin-cli: print useful error if bitcoind rpc work.

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‘Volgens dit model wordt bitcoin 200.000 euro waard’ - CRYPTO-UPDATE19 mei 2020.

De hamvraag is bij iedere update: wat gebeurt er de komende dagen? Gaan we een range bouwen, de trendlijn breken of een reversal maken.