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01/03/2018  · BIP 91 is the recommended method for activating the current Segwit solution (i.e., BIP 141) with a hash power majority less than 95% (i.e., BIP 91 requires only 80% of Bitcoin’s miners to signal support for Segwit, which had already happened in July 2017). Segregated witness ( aka segwit or BIP.

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This in turn means that a majority of miners (by hash power) could back out of BIP 91 with little more than reputational damage. They could continue to mine blocks that do not signal bit 1, even after BIP 91 activates in a few days. As long as these miners are in a majority, they will still control the longest valid chain: valid according to most miners, and valid to most users.

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18 Jul 2017.

BIP148 UASF is an activation method of Segregated Witness, where UASF.

proposals activate, there will be no chain-split, meaning that there is only one Bitcoin.

This is because BIP148 nodes will not recognize non-SegWit blocks,

Explainer: How BIP 91 Enacts SegWit While Avoiding a Bitcoin Split.

BIP 91 Has Activated. Here’s What That Means (and What It Does Not) Here’s What That Means (and What It Does Not) 21-7-2017 Crypto Technology Bitcoin Magazine 727 Print this Page

12/08/2019  · But, as BIP 91 (the first part of SegWit2x) is already locked in and on the path of activation, it means that there would be no need for Bitman’s contingency plan because BIP 148 won’t be activated now. On the other hand, BIP 148’s original aim is already being achieved by the activation of BIP 91 (or BIP 141 or SegWit2x), so there is no point, it seems, in activating it.

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21/07/2017  · The world has activated #BIP91 for lowing the threshold for #SegregatedWitness activation to 80% (down from 95%), which is part of the #SegWit2x Proposal; and everyone is freaking out, as calmly.

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