Upon re-examination of the bone histomorphometry data in Extended Data Figs. 1i, 2d, 3h, 4h, 5n, 6e, 9g and 10f of this Letter, anomalies were found that call into question the integrity of these data.

A group of African writers has endorsed the ongoing protest against ‘acts of violence on black people in the United States of.

8 May 2014.

Simon Lack, former managing director at JPMorgan and author of 'The Hedge Fund Mirage', talks to John Authers about problems for hedge.

The Switzerland stock market, back to business after a long weekend, ended on a firm note on Tuesday, as investors picked up.

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John Authers is a senior editor for markets. Before Bloomberg, he spent 29 years with the Financial Times, where he was head of the Lex Column and chief.

It comes as no surprise that ransomware makers are generally thought of as ruthless, money-craving individuals who don’t care.

After Hollywood stars like Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Redmayne read out a chapter from JK Rowling’s popular Harry Potter book.

John Authers on his ringside seat to some of the biggest financial stories of our time. Save. September 28 2018. Authers' Note · Authers' Note: That's All, Folks!

13 Mar 2015.

John Authers surveys the landscape as markets continue to try to digest the strong dollar. ▻ Authers' Note: http://bit.ly/1Liu16x ▻ FT Markets.

Bitcoin Price Steady As Analysts Predict $25 22 Mar 2019. Bitcoin is the first scarce digital object the world has ever seen. Bitcoin currently has a stock of 17.5m coins and supply of 0.7m/yr = SF 25. a predicted bitcoin price of $55,000 with SF 50 after

Face the strange I Authers NoteA letter penned by over 100 African authors condemning the acts of violence on Black people in the United States of America.