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21 Dec 2017.

US-dollar linked cryptocurrency Tether hit by $31 million hack in November. Since then, there has been speculation that the company doesn't.

21/11/2017  · Tether, the startup company that allows users to trade and use digital tokens backed by fiat currencies like the dollar, euro, and yen, says that close to $31 million was stolen from its coffers.

$31 Million Tether Hack Reignites Fears Over Crypto Security. By Trevor Smith -. November 27, 2017. SHARE. Facebook · Twitter. On November 19th, hackers.

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21 Nov 2017.

Tether allows users to send and receive digital tokens pegged to currencies.

$31 million worth of its digital tokens have been stolen after hack.

22/11/2017  · As reported by Core Media, a recent security breath in Tether’s treasury wallet led to the theft of nearly $31 million worth of USDT, the tokens the company issues that are supposedly pegged to the USD at a 1:1 ratio. Reacting to the attack, Tether decided to upgrade the Omni Core software, in which it is built on, to lock the stolen tokens and prevent them from entering the cryptocurrency.

21/11/2017  · Bitcoin slipped from a record after the $31 million theft of a cryptocurrency peer renewed concern about the security of digital coins. The company behind tether, a cryptocurrency used by bitcoin exchanges to facilitate trades with fiat currencies, announced the theft on Tuesday. It said in a statement that a “malicious” attacker removed.

US-dollar linked cryptocurrency Tether hit by $31 million hack in November. Since then, there has been speculation that the company doesn’t hold the dollar reserves it says it does. Tether calls.

21/11/2017  · Tether, the world’s 19th most valuable virtual currency with a $673 million in market capitalization, was hacked on November 19 and an amount of $31 million (or $30,950,010 USDT) reportedly stolen. The company posted an announcement on Tuesday, November 21 on its website saying that the amount was stolen from the Tether Treasury wallet on the said date and moved to an.

Tether Hacked for $31 Million, My 3 Lessons LearnedLast week, Bithumb–one of South Korea’s largest digital currency exchanges–was hacked for $31 million in various cryptocurrencies. Announced on June 28, 2018, Bithumb confirmed the recovery of nearly half the stolen funds. Last Week’s $31 Million Hack Reported on June 19, Bithumb temporarily suspended withdrawal and deposit services following a 35 billion KRW (~$31 million [.